Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenduncan

Duncan Campbell sixth of Glenure and Barcaldine 1716-1784

Alexander Campbell seventh of Barcaldine 1745-1800

Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy

Duncan Campbell Sixth of Glenure and Barcaldine 1716-1784

Alexander Campbell 7th of Barcaldine 1745-1800

Duncan Campbell 8th of Barcaldine and 1st Baronet 1786-1842

Alexander Campbell 9th of Barcaldine and 2nd Baronet 1819-1880

John Peter William Campbell 3rd son of the 8th, and father of the 11th and 12th chieftains 1824-1900

Duncan Campbell 10th of Barcaldine and 3rd Baronet 1856-1926

Captain Eric Campbell, younger brother of Duncan 10th Chieftain 1857-1900. 

Alexander Campbell 11th of Barcaldine and 4th Baronet 1848-1931

Duncan Campbell 12th of Barcaldine and 5th Baronet 1854-1932

Eric Campbell 13th of Barcaldine and 6th Baronet 1892-1964, Nephew of 12th Chieftain.

Ian Campbell 14th of Barcaldine and 7th Baronet 1896-1978, Cousin of the 13th Chieftain.

Niall Campbell of 15th of Barcaldine and 8th Baronet 1896-2003

Roderick Campbell 16th of Barcaldine and 9th Baronet 1961 -

Roddy and Caroline Campbell


Kate Emily Dennistoun Campbell 1990

Kate, Anna 1993 and Louisa Campbell 1999

Angus Campbell 1967/Alastair Campbell 2000


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